Opensource test frameworks and code samples

These are custom open source test frameworks - the first two have evolved over several projects, the others in course of implementing on others. I never stay faithful to one framework or one set of tools, as test automation requirements should be driven by what suits the project and team. The Gherkin layer is popular still, though not always a necessity. As people become more familiar with test tool names, they start to get quoted, but it’s important to push back and choose the right tools and approach. As with any open source, I would not claim any credit, other than improvement and proving it’s worth in commercial environments. Feel very free to use.

Behat 3 Kickstart

  • Behat 3/Mink and Guzzle for API testing. Code follows PageObjects approach. Saucelabs integration.

CucumberJS / Protractor Kickstart

  • CucumberJS/Protractor UI/API test framework, parallel testing, html/json report output.

Karma / NightmareJS

  • Karma is a tool which spawns a web server that executes source code against test code, for headless NightmareJS Electron-based browser.

Pure NightmareJS

  • NightmareJS is a modern Electron-based testing framework which allows to execute tests in headless mode as well as in window mode for debug purposes.

Pure NightwatchJS

  • Nightwatch.js is a Node.js based UI testing solution for browser based apps and websites.

Macaca / Mocha / Electron

  • Mocha test framework, using macaca to test on mobile/desktop platforms and browsers, including: iOS, Android and Electron browser.


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