Opensource test frameworks and code samples

Coding Test Frameworks (built to last) - Most test automation efforts fail, due to lack of effort after intiial flurry of work. It should be treated as any other development. Well-maintained and relevant automated tests will quickly highlight any errors not only in code, but also in devops, requirements, and deployments. When tests are integrated into the end-to-end pipeline, it becomes impossible to jump that checking gate.

With custom opensource test frameworks and tools, it’s possible to rapidly build useful and maintainable automated test frameworks - and have a reusable framework that is relevant to you.

You can have functional, UX, accessibility, security, cross-browser and performance tests, all running as part of daily build and deployment process.

With a maintained acceptance testing framework, you have effective environment to maintain effective automated testing, and minimise fails in the build and deployment pipeline.

Behat 3 Kickstart

  • Behat 3/Mink and Guzzle for API testing. Code follows PageObjects approach. Saucelabs integration.

CucumberJS / Protractor Kickstart

  • CucumberJS/Protractor UI/API test framework, parallel testing, html/json report output.

Karma / NightmareJS

  • Karma is a tool which spawns a web server that executes source code against test code, for headless NightmareJS Electron-based browser.

Pure NightmareJS

  • NightmareJS is a modern Electron-based testing framework which allows to execute tests in headless mode as well as in window mode for debug purposes.

Pure NightwatchJS

  • Nightwatch.js is a Node.js based UI testing solution for browser based apps and websites.

Macaca / Mocha / Electron

  • Mocha test framework, using macaca to test on mobile/desktop platforms and browsers, including: iOS, Android and Electron browser.


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