Quality Assurance

Maintain quality in the development (and human) pipeline

Quality Assurance involces monitoring every phase of the software development process, to ensure design quality, making sure that the software adheres to the clients needs

Quality Assurance is the part the that people such as the Product Owner or the Delivery Manager will be most interested in - how is quality demonstrated, and how is it achieved.

In order for a build and deployment pipeline to work efficently, it has to be trusted, so the team need to have confidence in the overall quality measures.

Quality measures include:

  • Acceptance tests running at key stages in the build and deployment pipeline
  • Non-functional requirements coverage
  • Requirements review and refinements
  • Continual improvement of test framework to ensure it keeps relevance
  • Promoting common understanding of what “Done” means
  • Maintaining quality control of new features or feature changes.

Quality Assruance effectively highlights issues in the communication chain - this is normal, as the team develops it’s own synergy.

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