Quality Assurance

Consultancy and coaching to improve you project processes

A much misinterpreted and sometimes maligned area, Quality Assurance is more than just testing, it is concerned with the quality of a project as a whole.

While test engineering focuses on driving quality with test automation, Quality Assurance is about ensuring quality in the longer path of requirements through to deployment.

Test automation has a strong place on a project, covering as it does acceptance tests and non-functional requirements such a performance, accessibility and security.

Quality Assurance ensures this work is relevant, and remains relevant, and should be part of the test engineering mindset.

With a combination of consultancy and coaching, I can bring in effective pragmatic QA to a project, with proven techniques.

My knowledge is based on years of experience with different challenges, that emerges from company culture, team dynamics and/or technical.

Email: paullittlebury@gmail.com

Mobile: +44 7739 670 315

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