Test Engineering

Test engineering is about not only test automation

Test engineering is about not only test automation, but improving quality in the build/deployment process, tracing quality from requirements to code.

With custom opensource test frameworks and tools, it’s possible to rapidly build useful and maintainable automated tests - and have a reusable framework that is relevant to you.

You can have functional, UX, accessibility, security, cross-browser and performance tests, all running as part of daily build and deployment process.

Hire me to do it, or to show you how to do it.

Test engineering and DevOps are often rushed considerations, when there should be part of project from day one.

With a maintained acceptance testing framework, you have effective environment to maintain effective automated testing, and minimise fails in the build and deployment pipeline.

I can bring effective test engineering to a project, with a “no waste” philosophy, which means a consistently useful testing framework, that evolves with the application it is intended to test.

Don’t underestimate the effort required to do good test engineering, and don’t underestimate how useful it can be.

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