Test Engineering

Building an app to test another app, web or mobile

Test engineering is not only test automation, but improving quality in the build/deployment process - tracing quality from requirements to code.

Hire me to do it, or to show you how to do it.

What is test engineering?

One a simple level, it’s building an app to test another app, web or mobile. The core purpose of the test app (test framework), is to execute acceptance, security, load and accessibility tests.

I can bring effective test engineering to a project, with a “no waste” philosophy. This means a consistently useful testing framework, that evolves with the application it is intended to test.

Don’t underestimate the effort required to do good test engineering, and don’t underestimate how useful it can be.

What framneworks do I use? Whatever is appropriate for the project, the UI/API testing stack always varies. Below are some examples of common opensource I use:

  • Test frameworks: Cucumber, Behat, Cucumber JVM, Jasmine, Specflow, XCode, Android Studio
  • Test runners: Selenium WebDriver, Appium, NighwatchJS, NightmareJS, Protractor, Karma, XCUITest, XCTest
  • Test clients: Firefox, Chrome, PhantomJS, Electron, iOS simulators, Android Simulators

What about load, security, compatbility and accessibility?

I believe these tests should be assumed, as most client do have requirements in these areas (even if they are not completely aware of them).

These four areas of performance testing will ensure a robust web or mobile app.

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