Security Testing

Security Testing is not a mystical art; it is based of sound knowledge about vulnerabilities.

You only testing your own code?

Modern development use libraries, plugins, extensions - these are essential for rapid development, but often overlooked as potential security risk. Dependencies security testing is as essential, as security testing your own app.

Make security testing a project standard

As with any area of testing, it is a matter of knowledge and expertise in applying that knowledge. You can end up chasing your own tail trying to block all weaknesses, but it is simpler than you imagine to cover a lot of basic security weaknesses that can exploited simply by people with the right software.

Don’t be fooled into thinking security can be 100%

While you can do a lot to prevent a lot of common website attacks, with Web Security Testing, you should always have contingency plan for areas of risk.

Testing software is of little use without skills to analyse and report

There is a lot of open source software which automates certain types of security breaches, and with coding and server skills, you can utilise these very effectively. But you will need more than just software - you need the skills to analyse and report to development team, and this is where some expertise comes in. I can perform extensive Web Security Testing, to review of your web application. More importantly, I provide information on how to fix issues and leave guidance documentation to avoid basic security issues re-appearing.