Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering is not only about test automation, but also improving quality in the broader project pipeline.

With the challenges of many company cultures, I have developed my own pragmatic approach to improving quality - it's always possible.

Test engineering

  • Test framework: building an app to test another app.
  • Test automation: acceptance and exploratory tests.
  • Non-functional: load, security, compatbility and accessibility testing will ensure a robust web or mobile app.


  • Build server: Maintain set of automated tests, as crtieria for passing a build.
  • Deployment: Acceptance tests running at key stages in the deployment pipeline.

Driven by quality

  • Ensure test framework is useful to the whole team.
  • Introduce specification by example, to get better requirements beyond the 3-line user stories.
  • Promoting common understanding of what “Done” means.

Continual improvement

  • Test automation must be proactively maintained.
  • Continual review of quality efforts, at all stages of the project pipeline.

Recent clients

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