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about me

Detail-oriented, reliable, and forward-thinking, with over 20 years experience in the field of Quality on many Agile projects. I combine the disciplines of test engineering, DevOps, exploratory testing, test management and quality assurance to provide a more rounded contribution to project quality.


Career highlights


Test management on O2 rollout of MMS and Mobile video, during surge of smartphone development and advent of 3G. Frenetic, anti-social hours, but also a lot of fun. Many nights with the Nokia team, validating the testing in a large cold server warehouse. Meeting and working wjth people working at cutting edge of mobile media.


Test manager at BBC Technology, working on landmark tool for rapid online news editing, and media ingest system (converting old formats to digital).


QA Manager for Toontown (Walt Disney Internet Group), an MMORPG game. Implemented test management and test practices, that were still used long after I left project. A very different work environment, a peaceful but passionate vibe. And through the translation work needed, extended my remit to liaise with international ISP’s to ensure translations were complete and maintained.


Landmark civil service project, following BDD approach which became template for future projects within the civil service. Project delivered on time, on budget, maximum customer involvement, and satisfaction all round. A great team.