Test engineering

Test engineering involves building test framework(s) to engineer functional and non-functional tests, destined for CI/CD pipelines.

Less is more

Sometimes investing is a feature-rich test framework is a good idea, but starting small is always the best place to start. Tests run as part of CI/CD should be as lean (fast) as possible. Conversely, don’t waste too much time on native coding - packages are there too help you, just be selective and conscious of potential overheads created on the build pipeline server.

Start non-functional tests early

You don’t need to run a heavy load test to get useful feedback. Security testing is an essential not an option, and investing in code analysis tool will help maintain performance.


Web or mobile app accessibility code checks should be covered by default (any excuses are poor excuses).

Importantly, all tests of all kinds should evolve constantly, or they are most likely useless

And remember …. developers are our friends